Why Group Therapy?

Group is a place where your teen feels welcome and connected!

It is hard to find people who really get you.

My goal is to link teens together who are going through similar experiences.

This way they feel connected, heard, and like they are not alone in their experience.


In Group, we do more than JUST talk…

I utilize many techniques to help teens express themselves in group.

Group is a place for your teen to kick her shoes off and just be…

I offer a relaxed, laid back environment, so that your teen can be open and willing.

We learn and practice many skills in group because without practice, their experience will not carry over into the real world.

We talk about anything and everything in group.

No subject is off limits if it means helping your teen navigate life in the real world.


In Group, we celebrate the little things!

Birthdays- - -Jobs - - -Healthy Choices- - -Assertiveness- - -New Friends- - -Grades

Experience the effects of group on your teen…

“My teen smiles when she leaves group!”

“She talks to me more…”

“She is happier.”

“She is dealing with stress better.”

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