3 Steps to Get Unstuck

Feeling stuck in an experience or situation can make you feel "terrified" to quote one of the teens in my group.  It's a feeling that everyone experiences and because we usually don't share this feeling, it's hard to break free. Experiences can include:

Having a job you hate

Struggling with a class you may fail

Going through separation/divorce

Losing your job

Financial Stress

Living in chaos

Fighting and arguing with a family member or friend

Here are 3 Tips to get you UNSTUCK!

  1. Assess how you feel

Sometimes we try to avoid our feelings because they are uncomfortable and we ignore them.  That's how we get stuck feeling depressed and anxious.  We try so hard to ignore it or avoid discomfort that it never goes away.  Take some time to feel this feeling and assess what is causing it.  But don't sit in it all day.  Become aware of it and then go to the next step.

2. Change your focus

When we focus on pain for a long period of time, the pain becomes worse.  Think about a dull headache you have.  Sometimes you can be busy and you don't notice the headache anymore, but when someone asks you about it, there it is again.  If you focus on the pain, it becomes more noticeable and even worse.  So take the focus off of the stuck feeling.  Don't sit around and think about it for hours or days.  Find something else to do with your time.  You don't want to be stuck in an endless cycle of depression or sadness.  That will keep you from functioning. If you are struggling to function, try some grounding techniques.

3. Take Action

Figure out what you can take control of in your situation.

If you are living in a chaotic environment, visualize how you want your home to be and then take action steps to get there.  If you are in a job you hate, set some goals and work your way out of that job.  Change is hard, but change is what helps us grow and reach our goals in our lives.

One way I am learning to reach my own personal goals is to "Do it scared!"  If we feel stuck because we are afraid of the outcome, we may stay stuck forever.  I for one do not like that feeling.

In our group yesterday, we discussed consequences of taking action.  One question I posed in group this week was "If you do _____ or say_____ will you die?"  So what if you make a mistake!  Life is about learning from mistakes.

What are you waiting for?  Take these Steps and get out of that glue that is keeping you stuck!

If you need some more encouragement, comment below and let me know what's keeping you stuck.




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