Teen Therapy


Hi, I’m Dayna!

I absolutely love working with Teens!

This stems from my own experience as a teen and desiring to offer teens the support I needed during one of the most difficult seasons in my life.


is hard, but when you add divorce, anxiety, grief, chaotic family life, or school issues into the equation, it can be unbearable for teens to cope.


My Teen Therapy Room is Designed to Make Your Teen Feel At Home!


Your Teen Will Gain support

I am not your typical Talk Therapist! I do therapy a little differently because I know your teen is not going to get the most out of the experience if we JUST TALK. And let’s face it, your teen doesn’t want to talk! I offer a variety of ways to connect with your teen and build trust with them in a way that helps them feel supported and heard.


Learn to Express Emotions

It is important for teens to learn how to safely experience their emotions and express them in a healthy way. The world teaches teens they should always be happy and to avoid any negative feelings. This avoidance leads to depression and anxiety. I utilize Expressive Art Therapy and Sandtray Therapy to help your Teen learn to express emotions in a healthy way.


Live a Healthier Life

Therapy teaches Teens skills to overcome difficulties and maintain a health lifestyle so they become responsible and successful adults. Your teen will learn and practice skills in therapy that they can take with them for the rest of their life.


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