Frequently Asked Questions:

How do we get started?

The first step is an initial, parent only, consultation which is an assessment of your family situation.  I will ask you questions about your family history, your child or teen’s developmental history, school and social history.  At times this initial session is all that parents need to feel empowered to resolve issues on their own. Often times, additional help is needed.  Each family situation is unique. Therefore, we will discuss options to help your specific situation or needs, which may include individual play therapy, individual teen therapy, parent-child play therapy, family therapy, group therapy, parent coaching, or referrals to other professionals.

How long will it take?

Therapy is a process and the number of sessions will vary based on the problem you come to therapy with, the amount of time you spend working on changes outside of therapy, and the work you do outside of sessions.  Everyone responds to therapy differently, so throughout our sessions we will discuss yours or your child/teens progress and make decisions together about whether to continue sessions, refer for other services, or when to complete sessions.  Children and teens will be most successful when parents take an active role in the process.

Can I attend sessions with my Child or Teen?

Unless your treatment plan involves family therapy or parent-child you will not be present in your child/teen(‘s) session.  You will need to wait in the lobby until the session has ended. It is very important that your child/teen feel comfortable with me, so I do not allow a child/teen to be present during parent consultations.

What do I do after sessions?

Therapy is a process and how you respond to your child or teen following sessions is important.  Please refrain from asking your child or teen for details about their session. Give them permission to tell you as little or as much as they want on their own.  Sessions can be very emotionally difficult for your child or teen, and you may notice a change or increase in their behaviors, especially in the beginning of our time together.  If this becomes a concern for you, please contact me and we can discuss this further. Practicing skills will be very important for your child/teen's progress in therapy. Please encourage him/her to practice activities outside of therapy, and ensure you are being consistent with skills you are developing as a parent.

Questions About Child Therapy:

How will I be informed about sessions with my Child?

After the initial consultation, I will plan 3 individual sessions with your child.  Following these sessions, I schedule a parent consultation to discuss your child’s progress, goals, and ways you can support your child at home.

What should my Child wear to therapy sessions?

The play therapy room has a variety of toys that includes sand, water, paints, and markers.  Please bring your child in clothing that is comfortable and that you will not worry will become messy.

What do I tell my Child about Play Therapy?

It’s important for you to prepare your child for their first play therapy session.  I encourage you to show your child the photos of my play therapy room prior to their first session as this can help manage any uncertainty or anxiety they may be experiencing.

Questions About Teen Therapy:

What will you tell me about my Teen?

Your teen and I will discuss how we will communicate with you regarding their progress and goal setting.  My primary goal when I begin therapy with teens is to gain their trust, and meeting with parents “behind their back” is not a way to accomplish this.  When I consult with parents, I will not share details about sessions with you. However, if there are ever concerns regarding your teen’s safety, you will be the FIRST to know.

What do I tell my Teen about therapy?

The most important thing for your teen to know is that their sessions will be private.  What they say to me stays with me, unless they tell me they are going to hurt themselves or someone else.  If I feel parents need to be informed of a matter, I will talk to your teen about how we can share with you together, if possible.

Questions about Payment and Insurance?

I am only in network with Blue Cross Blue Shield.

Payment can be made by cash, credit, or check made payable to Dayna Sykes, LPC.

If your insurance offers “Out Of Network” benefits and you would like to use your insurance for billing, I can provide a “Superbill” for you to turn into your insurance company to receive a portion of the cost reimbursed to you. You must pay in full at the time of service.

All payments are made in full at the time of service.


$125 Initial Session- approximately 90 minutes

$100 Routine Session Fee

$115 Family Session

Group Session Rates Vary

Cancellation Policy

If you are unable to attend a session, please make sure you cancel at least 24 hours beforehand. Otherwise, you will be charged a full session fee of $100 that is not billable by your insurance.