Time management is something I value but also have to work very hard at in my personal life.  I’m great at the important things-the priorities-family life-attending appointments-work.  I struggle when it comes to adding new things that I know will benefit me but are new to me.

Any procrastinators out there?  Typically when someone procrastinates it is because a) you are anxious and unsure of how to do it  b) it’s not important to you or c) you lack desire to do it.  Most of the time when I procrastinate it’s because I have no idea where to start, and therein lies my anxiety and insecurity of whether or not I know what I’m doing.  Why do we always feel we have to know what to do even when it’s brand new to us?  Insert eye roll here…

I’ve been slowly working on improving my site and figuring out exactly how I want it to function.  I’ve put it off at time due to feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of ideas I have for this site.  It’s been stressful to me because I want the content to be useful to you, and I want the information to be accurate and simple to put into practice.  I don’t want to overwhelm you.  Writing is not new to me.  It’s a hobby that I used to have more time for.  It comes naturally.  I really enjoy putting words on paper and watching them flourish into something useful.  And therein lies my biggest fear…will what I’m writing be useful to you?

So as I am working on developing content for my readers out there…those who hopefully haven’t given up on me during this last block of time–cough…cough… (2 months of dead air), I hope you will find it useful and applicable to your life.  I could really use your help in letting me know what you are finding easy to implement into your life and what you need more help with.  I need you to tell me where your struggles are.  And my promise is to work at meeting your needs by posting information on parenting and what to expect for your children/teens at different ages and stages.  I will give you options to apply in your life that will help you feel more in control of your family and yourself.  I will share my own experiences so you can see how it works in a real situation.  I will be real and honest with you because I am a parent too and I know how difficult that job can be.  I will not encourage you to do anything I wouldn’t do with my own children.

Now that I have a purpose in this site, it’s off to my notepad.