Empowering Teen Girls Group Starts in April

Empowering Teen Girls Group will start April 12th! I am so excited to get this group running.  The group will initially run for 8 weeks, and if it is successful, it will continue to be an ongoing group.

This group will target girls 13 and up.

Your teen is a good fit for this group if she...

Struggles to manage her emotions

Has difficulty maintaining healthy friendships

Loses control in the moment

Avoids communicating with you

Seems unhappy and down about life

Groups is a great way for teens to see they are not alone and how others share in the same struggles.  It is a place where girls can learn from each other in a safe and healthy environment, free of judgement.

To enroll your teen, contact daynasykes@daynasykeslpc.com or call 615-683-1111.  Intake is required for pre-enrollment.

Excited to get started!