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7 Fun Fall Activities

7 Fun Fall Activities

It's so important to create traditions in your family, and it's most important to have some FUN with your family!

Fun = Money

Everyone automatically goes to "We can't afford...."

Please get that thought out of your head!

Here are some FUN Fall activities your family can do for little or no cost...

Play in the Leaves!

This was a favorite of mine when growing up, and you rarely see kids doing this today.

***If you kid has allergies, this may not be a great idea***

***Also be aware of any dogs leaving surprises in your yard***

Does anyone even own a rake anymore???

Build a Fire and Roast Hotdogs and Marshmallows!

Smores are one of the BEST desserts out there, and they are SUPER EASY!!!

***Please supervise your children  around fires and ensure your fire is put out***

Camp Out in Your Yard!

This could be lots of fun without having to leave your house...

If you don't own a tent, lay some blankets out and look at the stars for a while. I believe this is one we will do while we enjoy our week off.


There are all kinds of functions going on this October as we near Halloween.  Hayrides are one of those.  If you live on a farm, you could easily throw your own hayride and invite your children's friends over for a night of fun!

Hide and Seek (in the dark)

This can be a lot of fun as the nights are getting shorter.

Go for a Hike

Go to a local park and hike for free, or if you live on a farm (like me), you can just walk around your own property and enjoy nature.

Carve Pumpkins!

This is usually a tradition in our family every year around Halloween.  Sticking your hands in the gooey insides of that pumpkin and creating faces for parents to carve out.  Fun!  (My mom used to roast the pumpkin seeds...but not my thing!)

No matter what you do, Do Something together!  

Leave a comment and tell me 1 Fun Activity you will be doing with your family this Fall!

Happy Fall Yall!

Dayna Sykes

Licensed Child & Teen Therapist

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