Why Valentine's Day is Not My Favorite "Holiday"

Happy Valentine’s Day

Why Valentine’s Day is NOT my Favorite “Holiday”…

Today people are showering loved ones with gifts and spending outrageous amounts of $$$$  to impress their significant other or to win someone’s love.

People are on Instagram sharing pictures of their gifts and praising their partner for all their loving actions today.  Others are avoiding Instagram because they don’t want to see all your extravagant romantic gifts while they sit home bingeing on Netflix eating a tub of Icecream.  

Children are receiving life size balloons and oversized stuffed animals at school.

Girls are creating extremely high expectations about what this day means.  

Guys are stressing that their friends are going to outdo them in their romantic gestures.

Valentine’s Day is not my favorite day…

Now I know some of you may be thinking…”Wow, she’s really losing it.  Her husband must not do a very good job with this day.”

That’s exactly the opposite.  My husband is always good at giving gifts on holidays.  I stink at it though. But that’s not why I turn my nose up at it.  

I do not want outrageous romantic gestures.  I just want to not have to cook dinner or to come home to a house where no one left their dishes laying around.  Just once...

I’m not big about over the top days.  We need loving gestures daily. We need to feel loved daily.


I see children who get these gigantic gifts that they pick up at school and feel so loved by their parents in that moment, but then they go home to silence or yelling and screaming.  

I’ve sent things to school in the past for my child, but then I watched other children waiting anxiously and excitedly to see if their parents loved them enough to send something to school.  Because you know those kids that got gifts had to be loved by their parents the most! It broke my heart.

I then began teaching my children that Valentine’s Day is just another day to show love to others.  I want to teach them to love every day. I want them to feel loved and give love every single day.

My son may grow up to meet a girl who despises the way he is being taught to treat this day, but we will deal with that when it comes.  

I see couples go above and beyond on V-day, but then every other day of the year one or both feels unloved and unappreciated.  

If you go all out on Valentine’s Day, good for you!  If you love Valentine’s Day and all the mushy gushy stuff that goes with it---GREAT!  

But, remember to love one another EVERY DAY.  Don’t just save it for this day. Take time for each other throughout the year, months, weeks, days.  Surprise your loved ones with gifts throughout the year, when they least expect it. Show your children what love is by your example.  

And tell them you love them

E-V-E-R-Y S-I-N-G-L-E D-A-Y!!!

Want to celebrate this holiday without all the hype?

Here’s some easy ways to make this day special without all the pressure and comparison:

  1. Create a special dinner together. Maybe make some of everyone’s favorites!

  2. Make a special dessert.

  3. Share with each other 1 thing you love.

  4. Make handmade gifts

  5. Do something for yourself today to love on yourself and build yourself up

  6. Brighten someone else’s day with a phone call or a card to tell them you are thinking about them.

Leave me a comment and tell me do you love this day or hate it?

Happy Valentine’s Day!